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Our Classrooms



The Bumble Bee Class and The Lamb Class

Our infant classrooms provide quality care for babies ages 6 weeks to one year.  You provide the diapers, milk, wipes, puffs, and everything else, and we will provide the care!  We practice tummy time, motor skills, and work to meet each individual child's needs.

In this class, each child is on their own schedule. Whatever their needs are, we are happy to provide!


The Panda Class,

The Chipmunk Class, and The Pumpkin Patch

We have three classrooms for kids that are young ones learning to walk all the way up to young two's learning to talk!  

These classrooms are split according to motor abilities and developmental levels.  We have a transitional room to help kids work towards a set schedule, a room to help them as they are starting to move a lot more, and a room to help them develop the beginnings of communication!




The Firefly Class and

The Guppy Class

If we know anything about two year olds, it is that they are curious, energetic, and on-the-go!  We embrace all those qualities and more!

Our teachers are there to engage the kids in meaningful learning, help them learn to interact with their friends, and teach them all about the love God has for them!  Also, our teachers do potty training week each semester for those kids who are showing they are ready to take that step!




The Zoo Crew and

The Giraffe Class

Our three year old classrooms are aimed at engaging our students in meaningful learning activities, developing social-emotional skills, and helping them explore and master problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

We pair our learning objectives with topics students show an interest in, making sure to create hands-on learning experiences that cater to all learning styles.




Writing, counting, and other school-readiness skills

We have many Pre-K kids in our building, and it is our goal to have them prepared and ready as they enter Kindergarten the following year.  We incorporate reading, writing, and math concepts into our learning and work with our kids to help them master these skills.

We want our students to head into Kindergarten knowing as much as possible!  We naturally incorporate these learning concepts into their play and throughout their day, as we are big believers in letting kids stay little as long as possible!


ACA uses One in Christ curriculum from Concordia Publishing House to help develop and guide student learning.  This is a faith-based curriculum helps young children learn about Jesus and grow in their understanding of God's love for them.

Each classroom also develops lesson plans based off of student interest.  Our teachers listen and talk to their students and prepare meaningful learning opportunities for their classes.



ACA has chapel every Wednesday morning for our students who are two and older.

This is a special time each week where Pastor Spomer and Mrs. Connie prepare a lesson to teach kids about God's love for them.  We even have visits from our favorite dragon Lollipop and a little lamb named Baby Baa during chapel!

At the end of Chapel each week we say The Lord's Prayer and sing all of our favorite songs.  Chapel day is the best day of the week!

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